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Innovation partners

Network overview
(the more expertise areas are shared between the partners, the thicker the connecting line gets)

VeViVas partners in detail

MOZYS Engineering GmbH develops complete solutions for Industrial IoT, e.g. for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring applications. A particular area of expertise lies in the field of vibrations.
Hardware, software and engineering from a single source: this makes it easier for customers to get started with sensor-based monitoring applications and opens up new solutions and business models in the context of Industry 4.0 based on unique performance features. Customers are supported from the initial idea to series production and benefit from short development times and high flexibility enabled by a modular platform strategy. All products are available as OEM versions and provide the basis for customer-specific developments.
MOZYS Engineering GmbH
Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 15,
97076 Würzburg, Germany
Dr. Amin Mozaffarin
+49 (0)931 49 739 209 1
Cloud connectivity
Cloud services
Condition Monitoring     Connectivity
Data visualisation
Device Management
Edge Computing
Electrical engineering
End-to-end connectivity
Fieldbus systems
Hardware development
I/O interfaces
Industrial Ethernet
Industry 4.0
Internet platforms
IoT (internet of things)
Predictive Maintenance
Product development
Sensor systems
Software development


Dr.-Ing. Tom Marr is a freelance engineer, located in Dresden/Germany.
He offers services to companies and engineering service providers.
His expertise includes:
Product development
Simulation (specialized in fluid dynamics simulation and thermal transport challenges)
Product design
Materials testing
Grant acquisition
Software used in his work includes: FloEFD, SolidWorks Flow Simulation, ANSYS Fluent/CFX, SolidWorks
Dr. Tom Marr
Malterstraße 30, 01159 Dresden, Germany
+49 (0)176 379 77 083
Energetical optimization Energy efficiency
Materials testing
Product development Simulation   

Plant engineering

RAPIDFACTURE enables the rapid production of precision components for mechanical and plant engineering. With the portal ''Production Online'' the company offers online CAD as well as the production of components for the processes milling and turning (1 - 50.000 pieces) including all common further processing like hardening, anodizing or grinding. In addition, RAPIDFACTURE also produces welding assemblies. The automation and digitalization of production processes is supported by software products and customer-specific software development.
Max-Planck-Str. 7
85716 Unterschleißheim
+49 (0)89 215 40180
Autonomous production       Computer-aided design (CAD)       Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
Industry 4.0
Mechanical Engineering
Milled parts
Online CAD
Online design
Online production
Part design
Part production
Plant engineering
Precision parts
Production software
Prototype production
Shop systems
Turned parts

The company is the leading manufacturer of highly-ordered porous membranes from alumina and silicon with defined and adjustable properties and structure parameters. SmartMembranes not only manufactures membranes on customers‘ request, we also develop new processes and products around our core business. We are a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials, hence we work closely with that research institute as well as with the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and the Max-Planck Institute for Micro Structure Physics in Halle/Germany.
SmartMembranes produces macro- und nanoporous structures from silicon and alumina.
Our standard products SmartPor and MakroPor are characterized by a highly ordered structure and a low standard deviation of the pore diameter. Structural parameters such as pore size, lattice constant, porosity and membrane thickness can be adjusted at the nanometer level according to customer needs. The products can be further customized in collaboration with our clients. Surface functionalization (silanization) enables, for example, the control of the hydrophobicity / hydrophilicity of the pores. The membranes can also be used as templates for the development of new nanostructures. The galvanic deposition of metals or metal oxides or polymer wetting expand the possibilities for the production of defined nanotubes and nanorods.
Potential applications can be found in the fields of filtration, sensor technology and diagnostics ("biochips"). The membranes serve as electrode material in battery development and in fuel cells or are used as an anti-reflective surface in optics.
SmartMembranes GmbH
Heinrich- Damerow- Str. 4,
06120 Halle (Saale), Germany
+49 (0)345 13514386
+49 (0)345 13517453


Esy-Labs is an innovative spin-off of the Gutenberg-University of Mainz and of the Fraunhofer Society, specialized in the use of electrosynthesis technology for the production of organic and inorganic raw materials.
Electrosynthesis is available at a scale ranging from grams up to a few tons per year, while it is complemented by integrated biotechnological and chemical-catalytical sub-steps. This integration level results in a unique portfolio of Esy-Labs GmbH.
Founded in 2018, the company operates at the intersection of renewable energy production and chemical conversion. It offers customer-oriented consulting services, electrosynthetic synthesis on demand as well as process development. Thereby, Esy-Labs is able to provide customers electrosynthesis and electrocatalysis technology as needed.
An der Irler Höhe 3a,
93055 Regensburg , Germany
Dr. Tobias Gärtner
+49 (0)941 94686 700
Fine chemicals
Inorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry       Pharmaceutical substances  
Process development
Raw materials
Renewable energy  

Informatics / data science

VeViVas provides  two types of services to business clients in the pharma/biotech and greentech industry (B2B):
I) Open innovation: we identify expert service providers and assemble consortia or expert teams to work on innovation tasks of our clients.
II) In depth analysis and visualization of complex information, e.g. derived from transcriptome- or pharmacogenetic data. Biomarker analyses for precision medicine as well as machine learning approaches and statistical analyses are also part of our portfolio.
VeViVas GmbH
Im Homburg 31, 79539 Lörrach, Germany
Dr. Arndt Brachat
+49 (0)76211616066
Clinical drug development     Clinical statistics
Data science
Data visualisation
Diagnostic algorithms
Diagnostic biomarkers Diagnostics
Diagnotic subtypes
Drug response prediction Endotype discovery Exploratory data analysis Genetics
Open innovation
Patient stratification Personalized medicine Pharmacodynamic markers Pharmacogenomics
Precision medicine

Informatics / data science

BotCraft is a highly specialized software development company in the field of machine connectivity, robotics and process automation that develops secure solutions for intelligent production and quality assurance.
BotCraft GmbH
Lichtenbergstraße 8, GaTe Garching
85748 Garching bei München
+49 (0)8168/4290519
AI (artificial   intelligence)
AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things)
Edge Computing
End-to-end connectivity  
Industry 4.0 IoT (internet of things)
iRPA (intelligent robotic process automation)
Predictive Maintenance Process automation
Software architecture development
Software development

Drug development

Eleva is a drug development specialist that has pioneered the production of biologics using the unique properties of Bryophyta (moss). Moss plants are not only able to produce the most complex and demanding proteins; with their unique characteristics, they virtually invite easy, stable engineering and reliable output. Eleva's technology enables tailored glycosylation for efficient organ uptake of biologics. Flexible genetic engineering and pathogen-free protein production are further advantages of the moss system. Eleva cooperates with pharmaceutical partners for the pre-clinical and clinical development of  therapeutic proteins.
eleva GmbH
Hans-Bunte-Str. 19, 79108 Freiburg, Germany
+49 (0)761 470 99 0
Antibody Dependent   Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity (ADCC) Biobetters
Drug candidates
Expression systems
Fusion toxins
LSD (Lysosomal storage diseases ) enzymes
Virus-like particles  (VLPs)


The products and services of IGV PLANTTECH are based on 30 years of experience of research and development in the cultivation of phototrophic microorganisms, such as microalgae, cell and tissue cultures. IGV PLANTTECH has developed into a reliable and professional technology provider and supplier in this field for universities, research institutes and research departments in companies of various sizes.
The employees - scientists, engineers, designers and technical staff - have many years of extensive knowledge in phototrophic biotechnology and offer, for example, experience in research and characterization of active substances, process and product development as well as photobioreactor design.
The core objective of IGV PLANTTECH is the technical generation of active substances and raw materials in the fields of cosmetics, chemical industry, energy industry, environmental technology, agriculture, healthy nutrition and functional food.
In addition,  processing technologies and procedures are developed to production stage and applied in pilot scale. In all these developments, research results from biology, biochemistry and high-end process engineering are profitably and efficiently combined with the latest findings in the physiology of phototrophic microorganisms.
Arthur-Scheunert-Allee 40-41,
14558 Nuthetal, Germany
Dipl.-Chem. Petra Sandau
+49 (0)33200 89 257
Cell culture
Feasibility studies
Microbial production  
Nannochloropsis Phaeodactylum Photobioreactor
Phototrophic bacteria Phototropic microarganisms Phytoextracts
Plant extracts
Process development Scenedesmus

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